Training Tuesday {Lets be honest}

Confession #1

I’m not exercising… not running, not anything. I could list tons of reasons why…in fact I have given most of them in previous posts.  However what it boils down to is I’m not making the time to workout. If I’m lucky I get one workout in per week.

Thankfully I maintained a decent level of fitness and I’m not worried about my 10k on Saturday, unfortunately I doubt I’ll be finishing in under an hour like I had hoped.  That is my fault and no one else’s, I can throw the blame around all I want but it all comes back to my choices. Did I go to bed on time so I wouldn’t be tired? No. Did I go to the gym because it was cold or snow packed?No. Did I workout at home on days I was time crunched….No.

Fitness and health is a choice, somethings you are blessed or cursed with (body type for example.) However most things are choice, are you eating whats right for you body? Are you working out? Are you making healthy choices?All of these things are on us and as time consuming as it can be its the best thing we can do for ourselves and our families.

Confession #2

I love that my friends and family look up to me in terms of living healthy and staying fit. When it gets hard like this my 2 greatest motivations are them and my sanity. I love that they come to me with questions about basics (because they know I’m not an expert) and feel comfortable talking to me. I love how hard my hubby works because he saw my life change when I started running. I’m not saying this because I’m so awesome, I wasn’t trying to become an ‘inspiration’ its just a natural by product. My friend started watching what she ate and brought me to my first run and I was hooked! Next thing I knew I was running and losing weight too!


This post is full of questions, how will you respond?

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