Thoughts on Thursday {Dumb}

Have you ever done something so dumb you can’t even explain it? Yep I had one of those days yesterday and our dumb move probably cost us around $300.00 boo. 

I’ve done dumb things before…I’ll do them again, and I hate when my dumb moves cost us money, or disappoint Mac. Both of these things happened yesterday. He told me as such when we talked on the phone later that day. But then something amazing happened. He realized I had a rough day, and brought home dinner!

I love this man, thanks for accepting me, even when I do dumb things.
PS I just got good news, I don’t think its going to cost us nearly $300.00!!!

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday {Dumb}

  1. Jason and I both do dumb things, me more so than him. Glad that I have an understanding husband too! Of course it’s just as important that we remember to be understanding of them when they make dumb mistakes!

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