Simplicity = Purge {My Office Pt 1}

Have I shown you a picture of my office yet? No?!? Oh yeah that is because I’m WAY to embarrassed to show you what it looks like.  I’ve made a little progress with the help of a friend though. We took out a few plastic bins and started sorting the gigantic pile that had grown on top of my desk. I have a mired of reasons why this happened but I won’t bore you…. or make excuses.

Anyway step 2 is going to be purging. One of the reasons it gets so messy is because everything does not have a place….and that is because I have to much stuff that I ‘might’ use one day.  My main 2 crafts are scrap booking and sewing besides that I have photography. If an item doesn’t relate to either of those three its going. This is going to be a long hard process for me, however its VERY important to me that I start scrap booking again so I need to get on it.

One thought on “Simplicity = Purge {My Office Pt 1}

  1. I need to clean my desk area too. I hope you share more of your purging process. I think I need motivation to actually throw things away or give away.

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