Simplicity = Purge {Clothing}

My aspiratoin this year is to stay simple, in the green living part of my life this includes eliminating extra clutter.



Part of this is not adding t0 the chaos, but to start it means PURGE. Be harsh, be real, and get rid of all that extra stuff! One area I feel like I’ve had a lot of success in purging is clothing. Here are a few of the methods I’ve tried and had success with.

  • Once is not enough-” I’ve already gone through my clothes.” Thats nice do it again, you will find more to get rid of, I promise.
  • The hanger method- Think you wear all your clothes? I bet not, don’t believe me?  Try the hanger method. Face all of your hangers the same direction then when you wear something hang it back up with the hanger facing the opposite direction. After a month see which hangers are left facing the other way and remove them.
  • Formal Clothing- Lets be honest, are you ever going to wear that bridesmade dress again…no. What are the odds of ytour wedding dress being in style by the time your  daugher gets married? How many formal (black tie) dresses do you really need? Won’t one stunning one do?
  • Too Big/Too Small Clothes– Don’t hold on to  clothes because you ‘might’ fit in them again someday. If your not activly losing weight, right now, get rid of them. If you loose weight in the future you have a great excuse to go shopping. Never keep clothes that are to big, its and excuse to grow back into them. (Childrens clothes are not included with this one)

So now you have purged, what do you with that huge stack of clothing you inevetably found? Take some hints from my post in 2012 about Purging the Green Way. You may even make a little money!

One thought on “Simplicity = Purge {Clothing}

  1. I need to purge also. Not so much my clothes since I already did a really big purge in December but with the kids clothes. I’m just having a hard time letting go of those baby clothes that K has already outgrown. Makes me feel so nostalgic when I fold those newborn clothes!

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