Thoughts on Thursday {When your just to tired to care}


Apple, is a great sleeper, always has been…until now. I’m sure its just a tooth or a growth spurt but whatever it is we are all


Tired is an interesting thing in a relationship. It amplifies emotions and dulls them at the same time.  You focus so hard at work to make things happen that you have nothing left to give when your at home. On top of all that you end up taking all of your frustrations out on your spouse because your filter shut down when your battery died. Yeah, its been that kind of week.

I honestly don’t have any advice about this, because when your this tired there really isn’t extra you can give. All I can say is remember its temporary and it will pass. Remember you love each other and that you will find normal again.

As a rude commenter pointed out there was a spelling error in this post….see I told you, just to tired to care. The funny thing is after I had my coffee and re-checked this post I found 2 errors….How did you miss that one rude commenter? ( The comment has been removed.)

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday {When your just to tired to care}

  1. Being tired is a constant state we’re in when you’re a parent. It only increases when you have more kids. The mantra that all my mommy friends and I live by is “this too shall pass”. I find that it’s easy to get mad and irritated with each other when we’re tired but because we both understand that there’s a lot going on with 2 kids, we’re also quick to forgive and forget because we never really mean the angry things we say to each other. I’m probably not making any sense but that’s also probably the tiredness talking 🙂

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