Living simple takes work.

Mac and I are on a mission to simplify, we have come to realize that our 3 bedroom + office house… isn’t big enough for another child with the amout of stuff we have in it.  Now to be fair to us, some of the hobbies we have (hockey, paintball, scrapbooking/crafts/sewing) take up space, there is just no getting around that. 

Thanks Goodwill for this picture, now if only Bing would show me the blog post it was on and not just the image url.

What about all of th extra stuff? Those things in the garage we haven’t touched since we moved in? The extra house hold seasonal decor I no longer use? It needs to go, and that takes time, and work. The good news is all of the time we put in, cleaning sorting donating and selling should be a reminder of why we don’t want it to get this way again. Secondly all that time cleaning is less time shopping 😉 Lets face it we probably all need a little less time shopping after the holidays.

However its more than physical work, its re-training your brain. It’s starting to recognize things as un-needed physical and mental clutter and additional stress. So here I go back into my crazy craft world to pare down…again. I need less stuff so I have froom to work on whats important to me Apple’s scrapbook.

I’m going to be cutting the clutter all year and checking in with you, want to join me

One thought on “Living simple takes work.

  1. Yes, clutter. We have that problem too. The problem for us it that a lot of the clutter comes from the kids. So many toys and clothes…. I’m saving a lot of Ellie’s clothes for Kaylie, which takes up a lot of room unfortunately. The toy situation is an entirely different problem. One of these days I’ll figure out how to declutter with kids in the house…

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