2014 Aspirations {Running Goals}

This should be my exercise goals for 2014, but lets face it the only thing I really care about is running. I just do the other stuff to be strong for running and to prevent injury’s.

This year I feel like I’m starting all over again since I’m coming back after baby. Since training will be a little harder with her in the mix I’m going to stick to some pretty basic goals. Hey my word of the year is Simple right?

I have 4 races I’m running that I’ve done before, my goal for those are simple I want to beat my best time for that specific race. I think this will be a great way to see if I’m truly getting faster because the routes will be exactly the same. The weather will be different but this hills and such will be the same. The great news for this is I already beat my Polar Dash goal! Now for the other 3:

  • 9:25 per mile or better for the Get Lucky 7k to beat my 2012 pace.
  • 9:56 per mile or better for the Minneapolis 1/2 Marathon. (I think this is going to be my tough one to train for.)
  • 13:48 per mile or better for The Monster Dash 5k. I won’t be pacing my friend this year so it should be do able but I will be pushing a stroller through the crowd so that will slow me down a bit. I would say my real goal  for this run would be 11:00 per mile pace.

One thought on “2014 Aspirations {Running Goals}

  1. Hi Amber, I like to run, but have put it off for awhile because I lost a lot of weight running and also have a high metablolism. Just wondering how you run so much and do marathons an do not get bone skinny. I mean you look like you still have meat on your bones. Do you drink beer to keep the weight balanced or something else? Does weight lifting help.? I am looking for advice because I want to get back into running this year. Thanks.

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