2014 Aspirations {Marriage and Family}


Since 2011 I’ve been setting up aspirations instead of resolutions. In my brain there is a pretty big difference between the two. I think having aspirations for a year gives me something to strive for while at the same time allowing for the fact that I’m human and sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. These aspirations have included everything from reducing the amount of garbage we throw away to reducing debt. 2012 brought out my first word or phrase of the year with “Less is More” in 2013 my word was “Better” This year my theme is going to be:

This year I want to keep life simple, we added a baby into our world and that will complicate things enough without me adding to it.  So here it goes in 2014 I want to:

  • Find other ways to celebrate besides going out to eat.
  • Make sure to thank Mac for everything he does and find ways to show him I appreciate him.
  • Date my husband

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