2014 Polar Dash 5k

I ran this years Polar Dash 5k in (drum roll please…..)

That is 2:02 faster than my best time for this race! I’ve signed up for the whole series this year so that was a great way to start.

Now when they say Polar Dash, they mean it this year it was -2 out and with windchill it felt like -15. Maybe that was a motivating factor.

This race is an out and back and its the ideal setting up hill out, downhill back. Combine that with my negative split training I’ve been doing on the treadmill and I had my first successful negative split race!

In the end this is a fun run, its not officially timed and lets face it, its not in the ideal running conditions. But to me this was my first ‘real race’ back and I couldn’t be happier!

Next Up: Disney Princess 10k Feb 22nd, So. Stinking. Excited.

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