2013 in Review {Marriage}

Thoughts on Thursdays is simply that, once a week when I share whats on my mind about anything…but mostly marriage and relationships. So with that in mind here is my final 2013 review.


Adding a child in to the mix will always stir things up good or bad. For us it seems to have brought out the good. We are communicating more, it started with talking about her and has led to talking about everything. We are more willing to step out of our normal list of jobs and help with anything needed. We appreciate our time alone (or semi alone when she is asleep) together more. All and all, Apple has been not only a blessing herself but also to our marriage.

We are always learning, and always striving to improve but I think this year we have made big strides in purging our own issues and focusing on us not I.

We also started try to focus on the why of an emotion instead of just the negative response.  As well as coming to the realization that I don’t want a ‘normal’ marriage.  I was also reminded how lucky I am to have gotten the chance to start over with marriage.

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