Start 2014 with a bang!

20140102-073425.jpgI’ve already started my 2014 off with a bang, yesterday I ran my first race of the season when it was -2 degrees out (with windchill -15.) More on that next week for now I want to know who wants to join me on this Challenge?  It should only take a few min a day and if you follow me on Facebook, I’ll be checking in with you from time to time. 



I’ll be honest there is a lot of this I won’t be able to do (any of the shoulder work) but I’ll be subbing push-ups and planks with my physical therapy resistance band exercises.


Want to print this out? Click here for the full sized image.

I wish I knew who created this to give them credit all I can say for sure is I didn’t create this plan.

As always I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV so check with yours before starting any new exercise.

One thought on “Start 2014 with a bang!

  1. Loved this and have been faithfully to it plus walking 5k. Ian so amazed at me strength here on day 19. Hope there will be a February one! Thanks

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