2013 in Review {Green Things}

My aspirations this year were pretty straight forward

  • When shopping if its in budget make the better (greener) choice.
  • I want to do better and buying less.

I think I’ve done pretty good with each of these actually. We have almost always made the greener purchase regardless of budget. In fact I would say we have re-done our budget to accomodate for it. I’m pretty proud of that, we have switched over all of our cleaning supplies and most other household items (shampoo, soap, vitamins) to a better brand and a company we feel good about supporting.

Also over all I think we did good with our purchases, there wasn’t much we bought that wasn’t needed some for sure but not much compared to last year. Also we were great about furnishing our new room with items from craigslist. I know that this can create a controversey especally about cribs but no fear we checked recalls, its not a drop side crib and its in perfect condition. We also got a rocking chair, pack and play, swing, arms reach side sleeper, her jumper and play saucer! All in great condition and 1/2 the price or less!


Some of the consignment clothes I bought.

I also started using essential oils instead of OTC meds this year and I’m LOVING them. You can see my starting post here and my oils to the rescue post here.


So over all I’m pretty proud of this year!

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