Thoughts on Thursday {Sometimes it just all works}

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 I know I normally talk about marriages for Thoughts on Thursday. However this week I’ve been struck twice by how things just worked out.  So today I want to focus on those positive moments, in stead of skipping over them.

Find the good in each day

Tuesday– The hubbies and my schedule worked out perfectly, he had some errands he wanted to run but didn’t want to ‘ditch’ me as soon as I got home from work. Turns out I REALLY wanted to run but didn’t want to ‘ditch’ him either. Well the gym has kid kare from 5-9 so it worked out for me to get in my run and for Mac to run his errands with out either of us feeling ditched!

Today– I woke up at 5:59…. I leave the house at 6:05 on day care days…yeah. Well somehow I made it out the door looking pretty good and somehow even had time to stop by Starbucks….

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