Local, Green Baby Shopping and Giveaway! {All Things Diapers}

I’m sooo excited you guys, a store I already loved just got even better. All Things Diapers in Blaine MN (A suburb of Minneapolis) just expanded, added new classes AND brought in some local Mom products!

1st off let me be clear this is not just a cloth diaper store,  they have baby carriers, consignment clothing for infants and maternity, toys, nursing accessories, teething items, and soo much more. Plus they have an online store!  


The New Addition
The New Addition

Here are just a few of the new things that I’m excited for:

  • Classes This winter they are offering infant and toddler music classes as well as baby and me yoga….can I tell you how excited I am to do a music class with Apple? I hope the next one is offered on a Friday (hint hint).  They also offer free diapering and baby wearing classes!
  • Locally Made Products, they have teamed up with Let Joy to bring in some SUPER cute new cloth diapers and covers. They also teamed up with a mom for these great coat extenders for baby wearing! I’m picking up one of these this weekend. Also they can be used upside down to extend your coat when your expecting.



Let Joy Covers
Let Joy Covers


  • Consignment clothing, I won’t say I don’t buy anything new for Apple to wear but I will say that 95% of her clothing is used. I just don’t see a point of it honestly. The high cost (both money and manufacturing) for something she will wear for such a short amount of time seems silly. Plus they have maternity…so excited for this.
  • Cloth Diapers! They have old favorites like Gro Via and Bum Genius as well as some new companies like Tot-Bots! Pretty much any major diaper brand you can think of they carry.



Tots Bots
Tots Bots


  • Swaps, not only do they sell and consign in store they host swaps every few months as well!

On top of all of that, these guys are just incredibly helpful. They will always take time to help and answer any questions. I wasn’t able to make it to a cloth diapering 101 class but I went into the store during the week and they took the time to explain all the different styles of diapers to me.  Another day I brought my Mom in and they showed us both the Moby basics, with a weighed baby doll to practice with!

Ok I’m cutting myself off there…but there will probably be another post about this soon…on to the giveaway!

 All Things Diapers has graciously offered a Blueberry wet/dry bag up for grabs and you get to choose the design! Wet/dry bags are good for much more than cloth diapers

  • Gym Clothes
  • Pool Days
  • Wet clothes
  • Camping
  • Dirty Laundry (Readers Suggestion)

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10 comments on “Local, Green Baby Shopping and Giveaway! {All Things Diapers}

  1. I use one of our wet bags for dirty clothes when we travel. Not super exciting, but I love keeping cleans and dirties separate.

  2. I would get the round-about print. When I was not using it for a clean/dirty diapers, I would use it as a pool bag to keep the wet stuff in when we leave.

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