Healthy Holidays {Don’t Get to Busy}


Staying healthy means more than just eating right and exercising. It also means keeping stressors at bay. Stress is terrible on the body both physically and emotionally.

  The holidays are an easy time to get caught up in parties, concerts and shopping and poof all of the sudden your time is gone and you have bald spots on your head from where you have pulled your hair out.

So I’m here to give your permission to say no. You don’t have to participate in everything you are invited to. You can say no to the cookie exchange, not to the friends Christmas Party, even no to your Church.

“No to Church?!?”

Yep that is what I said, if your life is just to busy don’t add to it by saying yes to everything at Church. While the programs and the meals are great, and the focus there (typically) is on the true meaning of Christmas. They are just one more thing that you may not have time for. If you do have time and resources PLEASE do. But if you don’t, don’t get pressured into it.

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