Top 5 Posts of 2013

Per Google Analytics here are the top 5 most viewed posts of 2013.

Did you miss any of these great posts?

5. Prayers for Boston

I will admit, this hit me harder than I could have imagened. Although I’m a pretty basic runner I have big dreams of big runs and while I might not ever be a Boston Quilifier I know that this will impact large races forever.

4.  My G-Rated Birth Story

If you haven’t read this yet….lets just say it was eventful, and the highlight of my year. Also if your into the details you can read the PG-13 version. Just to tease you a bit here is a picture of myself, Apple and the paramedic on the way to the hospital.

3. Chocolate Covered bottles

2. Green Mittens

All things sweater/upcycled mittens. Where you can buy them, or how you can make them!  FYI the shop I featured in that post no longer is up 🙁 SO here are a few new options for you:

Made Again Mittens

Repurposeful Robyn

1.  Guest Post by Michele Made Me

Cute toliet paper roll flowers…need I say more?





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