Living healthy is a choice.

So you want to be healthier, you want to eat right, exercise and be fit? Its all a choice, little choices everyday that support what you want to be. When you have to eat out you pick the healthy options, when you have the option of stairs you take them. You choose to run instead of watch TV its all choices.

I know sometimes it isn’t quite that simple we all have responsibilities that we need to take care of but even on those busy days there are healthy choices we can make. Right now I have 4 major things on my plate that keep be busy (besides just normal baby stuff)

  1. Editing pics from a paintball tournament
  2. Picking up the house before we have a cleaning lady come tomorrow (for a pre-Christmas deep clean that I know I won’t have time to do, thanks honey!)
  3. 3 doctors appts a week for Physical Therapy and a follow up.
  4. Another random obligation 1 night this week.

Between those appointments I only have a full night of Monday and Friday of this week, and much of that time was/will be devoted to cleaning and photo editing. Add to that, the fact that we are in below 0 temps and I can’t just go for a quick run with the baby….exercise is hard this week. I’m hoping to do Friday and Saturday and if I’m lucky Sunday too.

So these weeks when life is crazy and I’m not sure how I’m going to do it all I make sure to beef up my health in other ways. Eat healthy, take the stairs at work and get to bed on time.

  Last week I only got in 2 runs honestly that was a little disappointing but 2 is better than 0!

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