Winter Running {After Baby}

Running with Apple has actually been pretty easy. She loves the movement and I’ve been running with her in the car seat attachment on my BOB for 4 months now. However with the temperature plummeting to below zero and snow on the trails that is no longer an option.

So what to do? Well a few things really. I need to keep running out side to maintain my fitness level, road running is completely different than treadmill running. Also I just can’t do long runs on the treadmill. So here is my plan for winter running.

    1. Treadmills– I have a love hate relationship with them. However I understand that I live in Minnesota and its just going to be a necessity so there is no use fighting it. When I do run on the treadmill I always use at least a 1% incline to better simulate road running.
      • The Gym- I’ll go when I can, they have child care so that is nice but it kind of limits me. If she needs a diaper change I have to stop running and go do that. However I can meet friends there and that is always motivating
      • At Home-I’m looking for a basic treadmill for home for those days I’m crunched for time or I need to work out at a time the gym daycare is closed. I think this is going to be the key to me not skipping runs this winter.
    2. Outside
      • Layers-They are mandatory and always make sure the base layer is wicking. Keep your head and hands covered no matter how warm I get and zippered top layers are great for ventilation if you get warm.
      • Reflectors- It gets dark early these days guys make sure you have reflective clothing or lights on. It might be light when you start your run but dark when you get home. Best to be prepared.  I like to have one on each level 1 above the waist and 1 below. Plus if I’m running with the dog one on his level.
      • Shoes-  If there is any snow on the trial I use trail shoes for better traction. Also if I notice icy patches I jump on to the dirt/grass and avoid it if possible.

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