Apple is 5 months old.


Height: Soon

Weight: Soon

Dear Apple

This is a photo of the back of my camera, life with you, trying to keep the house clean, continuing to run and doing a few photo shoots now and then is crazy…wonderful but crazy. I planned to upload these pics after a shoot. However my crazy baby brain lost track of which memory card was in the camera and I deleted them all….In the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal…I’m the photographer I can take them again. But the thought of losing those pictures. Those moments, it breaks my heart. I don’t want to forget any of our moments. I don’t ever want to take a single day for granted. 5 months have already gone to fast. Your using your hands together to move your stuffed animals. Rolling around both ways and starting to notice that you can move places when you do. You love to babble and tell stories. Your personality is showing more and more every day. Silly sounds can make you smile every time and daddy can always make you giggle. You love to snuggle when tired and give a short fight against sleep when your over tired. I love you, all your quirks, smiles and giggles. I always will.


This months milestones:

  • You now roll both to your left and your right until now its only been to your right (back to front.)
  • Your starting to recognize when we leave the room….and  you don’t always like it.
  • Reaching and playing with the toys/things around her (she had done this a few times last month but now it’s clearly with a purpose.)
  • You can roll over and over and your starting to figure out that makes you move….just not always where you want to go.
  • You LOVE to jump! We gave you your Christmas jumper early.
  • Thanksgiving was spent with Mom’s family, it was 4 amazing days with them and you did zoo well. You got tired but overall you were great.

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