Why I love pre folds and covers for newborns {Cloth Diapers}

I never wanted to use prefolds and covers as one of our diaper options, it wasn’t even a consideration. I thought they were old-fashioned and a lot of work. Turns out I was wrong.

After researching all the types of diapers we had decided hybrid style diapers were the best choice for us and we were going to use the tiny g’s as our newborn diapers. Once I figured out that tiny g’s weren’t going to be our day and night solution I needed to find a cheap alternative for the days until she fit into the Gro Via hybrids. If I didn’t find something we were going to be stuck with disposable during the day time. I just couldn’t justify buying a whole newborn stash that she would out grow fairly quickly.

After talking to the staff at our local cloth diaper store I decided about the only thing I could justify was pre folds and covers. I could buy 12 pre folds (the old style cloth diaper) for $12 and I bought 2 Bummies newborn sized covers (used) for $16.00 total So for $28 I had 12 diapers, not bad at all! I started by pad folding (tri-fold/folding in thirds) and it worked great but if I didn’t stay on it she would dirty the cover. So I started doing some good old google searching and found another fold that sealed the deal, literally, incase you hadn’t noticed newborn poo isn’t well…soild.

My solution? The jelly roll fold! It’s so easy, and can be done with our without a snappi or pins (but easier with a snappi.) Just roll up the sides at a tapered angle and you create gussets within your diaper. 20130917-072639.jpg


Since I’ve started using this I rarely need to wash my covers, of course I still do after a while, but most of the time I just wipe them down and put them back into rotation. The other reason I like this option is because I can keep it trim if I want to. I mostly have one size adjustable covers but I’m planning on keeping one sized cover on hand for those outfits that need a trimmer fit.


So why do I love pre folds and covers for newborns?

  • Cost- They are only newborns for a short time and will out grow newborn diapers quickly why pay a lot of money for them?
  • Effectiveness- if you use a fold made to trap poo this style is highly effective at containment.
  • Trimness- there are newborn sized pre folds that can later be used as a booster (cost savings again!)
  • Easy Cleaning/Drying- Because you can fold and unfold them it is easier for them to come clean and they dry faster. Instead of being 12 layers thick in the wash you unfold them and its one single 4 layer cloth.

The downside?

  • Pre folds aren’t ‘stay-dry’ (wicking) and therefore need to be changed as soon as you notice they are dirty…but really all diapers should be changed quickly.

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