Run Disney {Hotel Selection}

I’m so excited this run gets more real every day!

Sunday night I reserved our hotel room for the race. In many ways this was the most complicated part of the whole process. Most of the runners who blog about Running Disney Races that I’ve found stay in hotels on property and I wasn’t sure that was going to be the best option for us. My brother is coming with and we  not only want to go to Disney World we also want to see Universal Studios, specifically Harry Potter world. So choosing a hotel had a lot of factors:

  • Transport to/from the airport
  • Transportation to Disney and Universal Studios
  • Early morning transportation for the race
  • A fridge for milk
  • Affordable Price

I figured Disney hotels were out because of price and transportation to Universal Studios, so I started looking else ware. I keep running into problems though. The cheaper hotels would transport to just one of the parks or wouldn’t transport from the airport.  The more expensive hotels would do everything…but were more expensive.

Then Saturday I got an email from runDisney saying we (the runners) got a discount on lodging. I decided to call them up an ask a few questions. I know from my cruising experience that many places will run an airport shuttle for an additional fee. I decided to ask about that and about transportation to Universal. I was happy to find that transportation to/from the airport was included and there is a shuttle company that will take us from our hotel to Universal. That plus the fact that Disney will provide an early morning shuttle to the race I was sold and we now have a reservation at the All Star Sports hotel!

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  1. So glad you decided to stay on-property! I wouldn’t do it any other way…and oh my gosh, I’ll be there at that time, too! I’m running the half marathon!

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