Thoughts on Thursday {Year of Thanks Kick-off}

Right now EVERYONE is posting their daily thanks on facebook and writing posts on their blogs. I love it, but I wonder why we don’t do it all year? I know that is the point of our modern Thanksgiving, but how would our life be different if we took time everyday to think of the things we are grateful for? Well I can’t hold us all accountable for every day but I can check in every month!


So that is what I’m going to do, I’ll post on the things I’m thankful for the rest of this month and then from now on once a month I’ll be checking in and sharing what I’m thankful for and asking what you are thankful for!


This week I’m thankful for my husband, I never in a million years saw this amazing life coming after Mark passed away (my first husband. ) I can’t help but smile when I think of our amazing life together so far and how much more amazing the future will be. More than that, I’m thankful that I’m excited about today. I want to go home and see him, I’m excited to just sit on the couch and watch hockey. I love to cook with him and doing the dishes are even tolerable if he is with me.

He is so protective of me and while sometimes it can be a little over the top, I love it. Its so nice to have someone looking out for me and so crazy concerned for me that he gets mad if I forget my phone. I love that he is already making plans with how we are going to ‘deal with boys’ in Apple’s future. Once again however he is focused on the now and makes sure that when he comes home from work he takes a few min just to play with her.

I’m thankful for his encouragment in all my healthy endevors (Running, racing, Essential oils and Melaleuca) as well as my life endevors (photography, simplifying.) I am just so darn blessed!

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