Apple is 4 Months Old!


Height: 24 1/4 Inches

Weight: 12 lb 8 oz

Dear Apple

You clearly have a prefernce for bed time these days, bottle at 7:30 (for some reason you won’t nurse for this feeding most days) Then a 1 hour nap till 9 or so, wake up for a snack and a story then back to bed for the night…weird little girl. I can’t believe your started rolling over so early! Its made life interesting trying to find a safe place for you to play so your fluffy brother dosen’t step on you. Currently your pack and play is in the already small kitchen and while its crowded it seems to be working well.



This months milestones:

  • Sitting up in the bumbo for short periods of time.
  • Rolling back to front, our crazy little girl is doing things backwards and early!
  • Lots more sounds and jabbering, her volume is also increasing.

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