Thoughts on Thursday {Marriage and Parenting}


In my opinion Mac and I are still in the ‘easy’ stage of parenting. Right now Apple is only 4 months old and we are for all practical purposes in control.  She isn’t in any activities, we don’t have to punish or make rules for her to follow, none of the hard stuff.  However I’m already seeing what a big impact parenting has on our marriage.

We have had to make decisions about immunizations, medication, what we are willing to subject Apple to (meaning temperature, noise levels, places and such) how many layers she needs on at night and if she needs one blanket or two on the car seat. While they all seem trivial I think some of these decisions are harder than ones we will face in the future.

I know that we will be confronted with MANY things I don’t see coming but I also know that on many of the big things we are on the same page. The priority of school, respecting your elders, manors, our faith and values and so forth.

I can also see how it has affected our communication, once again for some reason I can’t figure out we have gone back to assuming the worst of each other. We take things as a personal attack and jump to conclusions its made some conversations very difficult. This isn’t happening all the time, but it seems to come in streaks. Its like once we start we can’t stop.
So we are stopping it, right now, we will be consciously reminding ourselves to remember positive intent in our conversations. If we are frustrated or mad with each other we will be clear and not passive aggressive. We both know that we love each other and we will try to remember that in all conversations and confrontations.

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