Training and Goal babysteps

I’m trying to take baby steps to get back into training, I’ve been doing pretty good with my running, and I’m happy with my times when I’m working on speed.  In fact this week I had 2 great speed runs!

  • 2 Miles in 17:36 avg pace of 8:39 5k in 28:59 avg pace of 9:19

I’m really proud of those times but my Sunday runs I’m hoping will turn into my long runs before Church. This week I simply ran out of time. Oh well. My current baby steps towards training are simple:

  • Keep running 3 times a week
  • 1 cross training session (yoga, weights whatever my shoulder allows) a week
  • Take the stairs at work (I work on the 4th floor and they are double flights.)
  • Continues these 3 things until my holiday photo editing is done and then start a 1/2 marathon training plan.

Why you may ask? Well I’ve signed up for the Monster Race Series! My goals for the following races are simply to better my best times so far for the same distances. So here we go My 2014 racing goals:

  1. Polar Dash 5k beat my Last Polar Dash time of 30:31 Dream Goal beating my PR of 27:20
  2. Get Lucky 7K beat my official time of 41:53 Dream Goal under 40:00
  3. Minneapolis 1/2 Marathon Beat my PR of 2:10:16
  4. Monster Dash 5k Under 40 min (I have to start in back with my stroller)

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