Thoughts on Thursday { Momma Bear}


My boss said something at work the other day that mad me smile. After a small accident at work (don’t worry) I didn’t want to go see the doctor….I have a thing with doctors, mostly I don’t like them. Anyway, Mac was insisting I did and I was starting to get defensive. Then my boss said ‘he is getting all momma bear on you’ I though about that for a moment and realized they were both right.

Mac was right and I needed to see the doctor and he was just looking out for me. I love that about him, most of the time in my life I’m so busy looking out for others that I don’t take care of myself.  If it takes momma bear to make me well than so be it. I love that He loves me so much, that he wants to make sure I’m ok even if it makes more work for him.

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