Its offical I want to be a rational minimalist!

Well that didn’t take long, one room in and I’ve been bitten by the bug. It started out of necessity, we simply have too much stuff in our house. It is cluttered and stressful and the hubby and I both agreed somethings got to give. So we started with the closet… and from just that first step I desperately want to attack and clean out the rest of the house.  I’m actually looking forward to the winter slow down (for many reasons) in order to work on the rest of the house room by room.


I love how easy it is to find a place for all of my clothes. they no longer end up on the floor because ‘its easier.’  I also love knowing that anything I grab out of my closet is going to fit. In fact I’m so excited about all of this that this weekend when we stopped by the outlet mall on the way home from our trip it was easy to have fun shopping but not actually buy anything. I was well aware that there was nothing I needed and after much looking there was really nothing I loved either.  The desire to not over clutter my closet again beat the buying bug ( but not the shopping bug lol.)

The closet cleaning process is going a little slower for the hubby however. He has shrunk out of many of his clothes and if he threw them all out he wouldn’t have much to wear. We are working on building up his closet with items that are high quality and throwing out 2 for every 1 item in, until his closet is paired down.

I think the kitchen is going to be our next room to attack!



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