Thoughts on Thursday {communication issues}


Mac and I speak very differently, many times when he is just trying to be helpful I take offense. How can I possibly expect him to know that unless I tell him?

I’ve had a bit of a memory problem for the last few months and I’m struggling with a few things. Not being ‘on top of things’ is really hard for me, it’s a huge trigger for my stress levels. You may say I’m a bit of a control freak. I’ve noticed that my shall we say tolerance level has gone down significantly in the last few months.

Yesterday however something wonderful happened. I told Mac that even tough I understood he was trying to help my brain was having a hard time accepting how he was offering that help. Its trivial really but with just a few different words last night went off without a hitch. Instead of ‘ Do you have everything you need?” which I was translating to do you have it all together lady? He said “Do you need anything for tomorrow?” Ahhh my brain can process that.

This won’t always be the case, most of the time we have learned to understand each other even though we speak very differently but sometimes when I’m stressed  out it just doesn’t work and I need to tell him so.

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