Cutting Caffine

Caffeine and I normally don’t get along. I’m kind of weird but unless I’m tired enough to need it, it just doesn’t agree with me.  Because of that I’ve never drank a lot of caffeine. However at the end of my pregnancy I noticed I was starting to lose focus and I would have a pop or coffee here and there to help that. Not much  maybe 1 or 2 a week but it started a trend. You see I like my flavored fancy coffees especially the salted carmel flavors that are out right now.

But I know that caffeine in general isn’t a good thing for me (I already have a slight anxiety problem and ADHD) so last week I cut it out again, blah I didn’t realize how hard that would be. I see the coffee shop on the corner and its all I can do not to pull into the parking lot. Its not the caffeine I want its the flavor, weird I know.

So why is caffeine so ‘bad’ for you? Its really not, not for the average person at least. 2-4 cups of coffee a day is perfectly fine actually. In my opinion the problem comes from what you mix in with your coffee or the other ingredients in pop.  When you are mixing in flavorings and store bought creamers they add no nutritional value only calories, and the ones without calories or less calories tend to have chemical sweeteners in them. Not to mention many of the store bought creamers have crazy ingredients.  So instead try making your own creamer. Here is a great recipe I found that you can customize however you like.

Some people can become addicted to caffeine however the addiction is mild and withdrawal symptoms are much milder than say addiction to alcohol or a street drug.

Another reason it can be bad for you is the budget, if your going to coffee houses a few times a week, it adds up. Trust me! Even as casual drinkers my husband and I spent $44.32 already this month!

So here I go I’m going to try and cut caffeine altogether till baby girl is 6 months old then we will see if it gets introduced back in as a treat once in awhile.

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