How running has changed

How and why I run has changed many times for me since high school. My senior year I randomly ended up on the track team as a JV sprinter after getting board as the manager and running at practice with them. I wasn’t serious about it at all, in fact my spikes came from a garage sale and were probably at least one size too big. After high school I didn’t run a yard for a few years until one day when I was 20 or so I randomly started to again out of boredom. I worked for a school and those 3 months of f were hard for me, this round lasted a little ways into the fall because I remember shopping for a track suit so I could run in the cold. But that didn’t last long and I never ran very far (although I thought I was at the time.)

Then randomly in 2011 I ran my first race with a friend (Thanks SB!!) and something stuck, not sure what or why but I was hooked.  I kept running the rest of the summer and fall and starting Jan 1st 2012 I went race crazy! 11 races in my first year including 2-1/2 marathons!  Somewhere in the fall I found out I was pregnant and then my running habits changed again. I was lucky enough to do some pretty decent running while pregnant and even a few races.

Now I’m running again 3 months after baby and it has changed again.  I’m pretty happy with how quickly  my endurance and speed have come back however training is way different. I can’t just go out and run anymore. Someone has to watch Apple or she comes with me in the BOB stroller (with infant seat attachment.) With it getting colder out that isn’t always an option. So I have to come up with some new strategies.


  • Sunday mornings are the only days when we are both home all day at this point so that will have to be my long run day. I’ll get up early feed the baby and take off for my run. I did this last week and it was great! I increased my distance by a 1/2 mile I’m sure I could have done more but I’m trying to take it slow so I don’t injure myself.
  • Run with the baby when I can, hubby and I will have to pick a temperature that is our threshold for taking her out. The fact is in her car seat with both of the umbrellas pulled up and blankets it stays pretty toasty in there…just have to find some baby gloves because she won’t leave her hands under the blanket now that she discovered them.
  • Use the gym day care. I’m not thrilled about this one though. Not that I don’t trust the workers, I just feel bad about coming home and then immediately going to the gym and giving her to someone else. I’ll start with days that I’m home with her and see how that goes for me.

Lastly I have to figure out my race plan. I know I’ll be doing less of them this year I’m thinking 5-6 the real question is distance will I be able to log in the miles to get a 1/2 in this year?

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