Mini Goal Monday {Donate}

This weeks goal.

Ok so the last two weeks I’ve been purgeing out my closet of un-used and excess items as well as shoes…problem is now they are all sitting in a pile in my living room. That leads to a pretty obvioius goal for this week list all items and then take them to the salvation army. Simple yes but hey its mini goal monday!

 Last weeks goal

Shoes were my goal last week and I have to admit even more than clothes this goal put my reality it to clear focus…. Ihave way to much stuff.  I found 10 pairs and 8 radom shoes to donate, throw away or sell. That equlas 14 pairs of shoes that were just sitting around creating clutter… and the sad fact is I still have MANY pairs left. Some are summer shoes that are put away in the guest room, a few are dress shoes that arn’t worn that often and then I have running shoes that are ONLY used for that.


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