Thoughts on Thursday {Apple is 3 months old!}


Height: 22 inches (approx, home measurements)

Weight: 12.5 lbs (home scale )

Dear Apple

I’m in awe of all the little things, your smiles/giggles and fingers all have me just staring at you. I lov

e watching you take in the world around you, you want to see everything. In fact un like mommy you are very focused and un-distractable. If you’re looking at something you pay attention to nothing else, not even mommy. Daddy loves making you giggle and has found many ways to do so, raspberries tickling you with his beard lots of crazy kisses…it melts my heart.

While you are still the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me…this month had its ups and downs. For about 2 weeks solid you decided you didn’t want to nap and that made you crabby. But once we figured out what was going on we started working on a nap pattern for you and you are much happier now.

Grandma and Pops came all the way up from Iowa just to watch you for one day and Grandma M begs to watch you on her days off from work. You are one loved little girl.



This months milestones:

  • Started reaching and grabbing at things.
  • Slept through the night many times! ( I lost count)
  • Turned herself 90 degrees on her play mat
  • Really started talking to us with lots of coos and ahhs.
  • Becoming an inch worm on her back, especally on the changing table. She loves the lamp!
  • Supporting her own neck most of the time (still gets tired though.)
  • Started ‘day care’ with our friend 2 days a week.
  • Grabbing at toys and her pacifier and bringing them to her mouth. She has even gotten the pacifier back in her mouth a handful of times.

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