Rational Minimalism

I am not and never will be a minimalist, I scrapbook and I have a job that requires an entirely different wordrobe than my everyday clothing and those two things alone have a lot of stuff involved. With that being said, I have a strong desire to have less.

Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist talks about rational minimalism saying they want to  ” encourage you to consider the journey and the far-reaching benefits that come from owning less. This is a blog dedicated to rational minimalism and discovering what that uniquely means for each of us.” In one of his Start Here posts he specificly says that he isn’t talking about owing 100 things or less which is one of the common minimalist challanges floating around the interwebs.

That is what we want, yes WE and I’m so excited to say that I’ve had this desire for a while now but it wont work unless everyone in your house is in on it. Mac is in! Everything changed this weekend when we realized that for 2 adults 1 baby and a dog we have over filled our 3 bedroom 2 bath house….YIKES!  We both agree that we have too much stuff and its getting in the way of everything.

All of this extra stuff isn’t just a physical annoyance (umm we don’t have a place to put anything anymore) but its a stressor. Always moving stuff to clean…the cluttered feeling the stress to have new and better. We don’t need it any more and we are going to get rid of anything excess starting with our clothes. So as you can see from my Mini Goal Monday post I’m diving in had first and I couldn’t be more excited!

So here we go on a path to making our world better by having less!

2 comments on “Rational Minimalism

  1. I’m not really a minimalist, because I like a little quirky junk; however, we definitely decided that we need to fit into our living space. We’re determined to not outgrow our house and need something larger. We keep nothing in the basement or the attic. We live in our living space and if what we have doesn’t fit, it goes. Sounds crazy, I know, but we’re much happier having made that decision. I don’t even feel bad telling my mom NO when she tries to pass off junk on me. I honestly don’t want/need it.

    Wish you and your husband all the best on your new minimalist adventure.

  2. We’re learning to live this way too and we love it! I will be discussing this more and more on our blog at TreasureChestMinistries.org too. Let’s walk through this decision for Joy-filled LIFE together!

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