Running Leash by Run Blue Doggy {Review and Discount!}

 As most of you know I’m a runner (I love saying that!) and as many of you know I run with my  dog quite often. Cooper is a great running partner, he even ran his first 5k last Halloween and we are getting ready for his second. RunLeash 

I’ve been running with Cooper for 2+ years now and most of that time has been with a hands free running leash. Recently my cousin started running for stress relief (ahh the joys of going for an advanced degree) and quickly found it stressful because of her 2 BIG dogs.  She quickly realized that she needed a hands free leash that could handle two dogs.  After some research she realized that the options out there weren’t what she was looking for they were either two heavy or to long, so she decided to make her own.  That was the simple start to Run Blue Doggy.


Since I’m lucky enough to be her cousin I got one before the store opened and I will admit my first thought was “well its pretty but how different can it be?” The answer is  pretty different. This leash is much lighter than my other and I like that it has a trigger hook instead of the normal snap hooks since I live in the great north snap hooks tend to fail in the cold weather.  I also love the fact that the leash length is adjustable.  I can set it up for just the right amount of slack.  When its just us running I tighten it up but when I run with Cooper and Apple I lengthen it a bit because he tends to run up by the stroller (which is great because then I can see both of them at once.)


About 90% of my runs are with both of them so this adjustability is a great feature! Not to mention you can pick your colors and each piece can be a different color!


 Now here is the great news Kate is offering 50% off for her first 50 customers  and I want you to get that deal so here is the link to the discount. When 50 people have purchased this link won’t work any more.  Oh and there is a 50% discount on her camo print leash too for the first 25 people.




 Disclaimer Kate is family and I did receive my leash for free however she was not expecting a review or any promotion., she just knew I loved to run with Cooper. I just loved the leash so much I had to share!

One thought on “Running Leash by Run Blue Doggy {Review and Discount!}

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I went and ordered one 🙂 It came last night and I was going to try it with my (identical) Cooper this morning, but it was raining really hard. I can’t wait to get out there and try it out!!! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while to keep my hands free and also keep him close to me, but also keep me from running him over.

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