Thoughts on Thursday {A New Season}


So my Mom is pretty smart…I know I’ve doubted her a time or two as a teenager but over all I’ve always known this.  Once again she proved it with a blog post last week, Doing Seasons of Life Together. This line jumped out at me:

 Because any change in our life effects our relationship. Relationship changes have to be recognized and dealt with together.

She is right, and I’m not very good at this. I would say its 75% stubbornness and 25% my life situations. You see as far as marriage goes so far the only seasons I’ve experienced are newlywed, cancer, death, newlywed again and now parenting. Cancer is something that Mark and I dealt with together of course but at the same time not really…I dealt with it as a spouse and caregiver and he dealt with it as the patient. Those are two totally different things, and when it came down to it we dealt with a lot of those individual things on our own. Death of a spouse was definitely a part of marriage that I did on my own.

Fast forward till now, I’m stubborn and I’ve handled a lot of things on my own and I’m having a hard time letting go of that control. Mac pointed it out last night when he asked if he could help and I said no… I had all sorts of reasons in my head to say no but the truth is I needed help. I keep telling him that marriage is a team sport and I desperately want his opinion/help but then when he offered last night….I shut him down.

Mom is right…again. We need to embrace this new season of life together, and we have for the most part, but I need to let go of my stubborn ways.

So I don’t end this on a downer here are some of the ways we have embraced this new season together. Hubby is doing a lot of dishes (bottles and pump parts are crazy people!) I’m doing the diaper laundry and hubby is being awesome when I have to stop whatever I’m doing because Apple is hungry. We have figured out ways for us both to continue working out (which we both need so badly physically and mentally.) Woo hoo, I think we are doing pretty well actually!

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