Simplicity is Green

If you read many blogs chances are you have heard about living simple or minimalism. I’ve  mentioned it a few times on here as something I aspire to but have had very little success in making a change over to a simpiler life style.

There are many reasons to live simple and I hope to talk about some of the other reasons soon but one of the main focuses of this blog is living green and that is the focus of today.

Simply put (pun intended) when you simplify your life your removing many things that create waste. 

  • When you don’t buy things you help impact the rate of production also creating less waste.
  • When you eat simple clean foods you don’t create demand for highly processed foods.
  • When you use products with simple ingrediants you are eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in your house.
  • When you simplify you throw out less too!


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