Thoughts on Thursday {I don’t want a normal marriage}


It  might surprise you to hear that I don’t want a normal marriage. I want a great marriage. I want one that others look at and say ‘We want to be like you guys.” I want a marriage that no matter what through thick and thin  I ALWAYS know he is there for me and he knows the same of me. I want a marriage where we can talk to one another with no fear and support echother at home and with our hobbies. I want a marriage that keeps God in the center.

What I’m not saying is I want a perfect marriage. In fact in my opinion to have the type of marriage I’m talking about you can’t be perfect and you have to be willing to accept that and change when needed. When one of you is upset or mad you really need to listen and work to correct whatever needs to change (if its something with in your ability to change.)

I think the best marriages come from trial and error and being willing to learn, not pretending that your perfect.

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