Fit Fall Diet Bet


What is Diet Bet?

Good question because up until 1 month ago I didn’t know either. Its a social weight loss program basically. You buy in to a game with a pre-set bet amount ($25 for mine) and then you have 4 weeks to loose 4% of your body weight. If you hit your goal you get all your money back (plus some if some in your game don’t hit their goal) if you don’t then you lose your bet and it gets distributed amongst the other players.

Want to join in my game? It starts today but you can join anytime during the 4 weeks, it just means you have less time to lose your weight. You can join in Here: Fit Fall with Life, Love, Green

Have more questions? Here ya go:

How is this kept fair? You weigh in and out using photographs. The easiest way is with a smart phone but you can do it anyway you need. Regular camera in your hand (remember you will be holding it both times so that won’t affect your weight) regular camera in a friend/loved ones hands or heck a web cam if that is all you got. You take one full length picture (use a mirror if you need)  and one of the scale with your code word in the picture. There are referees who check each submission and if there is any doubt will ask you to re-submit (with a 1% margin for natural weight fluctuation) or do a video weigh in or a weigh in at an approved center.

Why 4% ? Frankly that is pretty easy its a reasonable goal that everyone can obtain if the put some decent effort in to it. Much more than that and you would be losing weight too fast and possibly in an unhealthy way.  Actually if you lose more than 3x your goal you will be disqualified in their words “This is designed to keep players from going overboard and from using bariatric surgeries to win their dietbet.”

Is it safe? “At DietBet we believe in healthy weight loss and want to encourage our players to stay in the normal weight range.  Therefore, you will be removed from the game with a full refund if your starting BMI is < 18.5. Or, if you were to lose 4% of of your starting weight and your BMI would fall below 18.5 by the end of the game. A BMI < 18.5 classifies you as “underweight” according to the National Institutes of Health.”


This right here ^^ is one of the main reasons I decided to go ahead with my first diet bet, they really are looking out for the people in the games! I was pretty impressed by this (as well as their customer service when I messed something up.)


So do you want to joining now?? I’m planning on being very involved on the boards and their may even be some prizes involved! Here is that link again  Fit Fall with Life, Love, Green

Need a little more inspiration check this out!  This lady lost 88lbs in one year and took a photo montage to document it.

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