Apple is 2 months old!


Height: 22.25 inches

Weight 10lbs 8 oz

Dear Apple

My have you stolen our hearts, and everyones who meets you. Great Grandma D would barely give you up at her birthday party and DW said she was honored to baby sit you for a few hours. Dad and I don’t get much done around the house because we are to busy playing with you. You sure love talking to the animals on your crib mobile, especally that orange giraffe. Those streamers above your changing table make you smile everytime. You are starting to show your little personality and it looks like you will be stubborn like mommy. We just loving seeing you grow and develop and are amazed by all of the milestones you have hit already.



This months milestones:

  • We heard her first giggles, Daddy can really get her going!
  • She out-grew newborn disposable diapers (Grandma uses them.)
  • She is grasping items placed in her hands.
  • Able to push up a little and hold her head up for 30 seconds or more during tummy time.
  • Sleeps 4 hours at a time or more overnight.
  • Started cooing
  • Lots of smiles
  • Recognizes mommy and daddy.

Sorry for the delay photo editing took a bit this month. 


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