Enjoy Your Vacation AND Stay Healthy {Guest Post}

Vacations are a great way to relax and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. However, they can really wreak havoc on your waistline! No one wants to return home feeling bloated and unwell because they overindulged on their trip. With some helpful tips that I have gained in my travels, you can still have a great vacation while avoiding a trip home wearing sweatpants.

One of the best ways to resist temptation is to avoid it. When you plan your vacation, look for hotels in the area that are health-friendly. Many hotels offer access to a gym or even a pool on the hotel grounds. While these facilities might be basic, they can be a great way to enjoy yourself while staying active. In addition, skip the mini-bar as well as the continental breakfast. Try to take some non-perishable healthy snacks with you on your trip so that you do not feel tempted to have sugary pastries or cereal for breakfast. Even if the breakfast is complimentary, it won’t be a compliment to your waistline!

Determining which hotels provide the certain offerings that are necessary for you to maintain your healthy lifestyle can often be difficult. I have found that their sites can be misleading which is why I have turned to consumer reviews for the most unbiased and honest form of information. I have used a number of sites for this but most recently found a site called Gogobot on my most recent trip that seemed to top all others. I was able to pull up a list of reviews for Boston hotels regarding not only their amenities, but also the restaurants in the area and even a list of things to do. The information provided helped me to plan every step of my vacation and ensure healthy eating along the way.

Once you have reached your destination, keeping a few healthy snacks for yourself can be a good choice if you are stuck somewhere with no options for healthy food. Pack items like hard-boiled eggs and beef jerky in a cooler, and drink water whenever you can.

Another way to keep the pounds off is to walk as much as possible. While you may be tempted to rent a car, you should avoid this as much as you can. Walking will not only allow you to work off your meals – it will also help you get acquainted with your location. If you are near a beach, try to make some time for swimming as well as sunbathing.

When you go out to eat, try to avoid foods that have high levels of salt, fat, and sugar. This does not mean you cannot indulge in local specialties, but try to keep it to a minimum. At restaurants, ask if you can have your fries, potatoes, or rice replaced with a salad or some other vegetable. Skip the fried chicken and opt for lean meat or fish. This can save you hundreds of calories at each meal. If you can, check a restaurant’s website before you go. This way, you can look up calorie counts for appetizers, entrées, and desserts so that you can make a smart and healthy decision from the menu.

While it might be tempting to have a few drinks on your vacation, you should remember that alcohol really helps pack on the pounds. The body processes alcohol before anything else, and drinks like wine, beer, and cocktails are essentially empty calories. The snacks typically consumed with drinks will not help your diet goals either, since these are usually starchy, salty foods with fatty sauces and dressings. Try to limit your alcohol intake to one or two drinks per day.

If you worked hard to get your figure ready for your vacation, you do not have throw it away as soon as you check into your hotel. You can make smart choices and remain active while still having fun. Make sure to follow these simple steps to ensure that you come home feeling as great as the day that you left.


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