Mini Goal Monday {clean closet}

Life these days is a little crazy, I’m sure it is for everyone. Back to school season dosen’t only affect those with kids it affects all of us. Its the time of year when life gets busy again. THis isn’t a time to start any major changes (as least not for me) so I’m going to start doing some mini goals I don’t know if this is something that will stick on the blog (maybe that shoudl be an on-going mini goal?) but I think it a good way for me to start slowly implamenting better habits.

So this weeks Mini Goal is????

Keep the closet clean!

Here is my before…unfortunetly this is what it looks like pretty much everyday ๐Ÿ™ I cange out of my clothes at night or before a run and instead of putting them away I save them ‘for later’ except later never happens. Well this week is later.


Last night I picked up my mess and I intend to keep it looking this way all week.

ย This week I will keep my clothes off the floor, and I will take a picture every night to prove it. Those pictures will be posted my Facebook page as well as a wrap up post on Sunday.

What is your Mini-Goal this week?



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