Eating healthy in the real world {Part 1}


Mac and I want to eat healthy…I mean really healthy. We try to avoid things like high fructose corn syrup, many oils (we try to stick with olive oil or coconut oil if possible) breaded foods, an overabundance of white flour and pretty much anything processed. Basically we want to eat real food.

Why is it so hard to do this?? There are lots of reasons, but most of it boils down to the fact that  we are just too busy. That is a post for another day however, for now lets just deal with life the way it is, busy.

Keep quick options on hand:

– Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods have many frozen options that tend to be cleaner than most grocery stores. Keep in mind though that doesn’t mean they are all good options. Many Trader Joe’s options have real ingredients but they still aren’t what I want to be eating (breaded chicken and such) so be selective. These are for those crazy days when you just want to stop for fast food, not everyday, so its ok if only 1 or 2 things fit your criteria.

-Pre sliced veggies. I don’t care if you do it yourself or buy them pre sliced but having peppers, carrots and whatever else you like pre sliced and in your fridge makes throwing together a salad or a quick snack really easy. Just remember once they are sliced their shelf life is quite short so don’t over do it.

-Double batches, when we make fajita chicken for our salads we double the batch it really doesn’t take much longer to do and you can freeze the second batch for a future quick meal.

Keep it simple

– Keeping what we eat simple means we have the time to cook it. Typically our dinners are just a protein and a veggie, with a carb or starch added in on days we workout.

Green Smoothies

-Only have time to cook OR eat? Make a Green smoothie with a scoop of protein powder in it. We keep frozen fruit around for just this reason. Throw some spinach, and fruit in the blender add a little water and a scoop of protein and your out the door with a yummy meal. If you don’t want to use a protein powder you could also include an avocado in your smoothie for a healthy fat and staying power.


Eating real food isn’t just better for us its also better for the environment!

One thought on “Eating healthy in the real world {Part 1}

  1. These are great tips! I have had a hard time sticking to my healthy eating ideals lately due to my crazy schedule and I am so hard on myself about it because I know that I will have more energy to do all that stuff if I am eating right. These tips are going in my back pocket! Thanks for sharing…oh and now I am craving a green smoothie, yum!

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