Living green, it’s all choices.

Living green is all about choices. small everyday things can end up having a big  impact.  Everytime you use your own mug at the coffee shop it saves a paper cup, not only from being used and disposed of but even from needing to be manufactured! The more people that make that choice the bigger the impact is.  Yes, your reuseable mug has to be manufactured but only once.

Think about all the small things you can do everyday that lead to less waste and a better environment.

  • Cloth napkins.
  • Bring your own silverware for lunch at work.
  • Reuseable straws
  • Reuseable shopping bags
  • Turning off the lights when you leave a room
  • Choosing natural cleaners

I used to wonder what my friends thought of all of the ‘crazy things I did’ but now I realize that understand its just my way. I don’t push it on them and most of the time it has no impact on them.

I’ve also noticed that when they see something work, like my new disinfecting spray for example, they start asking questions and it leads to them making some small everyday choices to green up their life. Many of my friends now have reuseable drinkware, bags and some have been changing their cleaners. I even have one friend who is using essential oils more now (she used a few before) after seeing what I was using them for.

By making small changes everyday and positivly influinceng my friends to do the same, I’m changing my world for good.

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