Thoughts on Thursday {helping a stubborn spouse}


So I went back to work on Tuesday…the work day went fine, the night before I was a basket case. My stress leaked out on the Baby and she wouldn’t eat which just stressed me out even more. In came hubby to save the day with bottle in hand. I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled in the moment and probably didn’t respond the best but he still came in took Apple and fed her. Looking back now I know that was exactly what needed to happen, but Monday night it was hard.

All I could think was “I’m your Mom, I’m leaving you for over 8 hours tomorrow and I want to be able to feed you.” It broke my heart that it wasn’t working but Mac knew that the bottom line was she needed to eat, and I needed a stress reliver.  and he made sure both of those things happened.

I just don’t want to ask for help.

This week has been like that alot, I’m stubborn,  hyper-critical of myself and feel the need to do everything without asking for help. So Mac has stopped asking and started telling me what he is going to do and how he is going to help. Its hard for me to accept but once it happens its great.

Sometimes you just have to do what you know will help. In the moment your spouse might not be happy. They might not be happy about it for a while. Heck they might never be happy about it if they don’t come to grips with their stubborness. However you still have to just jump in and do it. If its for the best hopefully they will see that. Sometimes the best response to stubborness is stubborness. If they (I) see how much you are insisting it will cause them (me) to re-think what they are doing and hopefully make them come around.


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