I’m proud to be ‘crunchy.’

Since Apple was born 6 weeks ago my ‘cruncy ways’  became even more appernet to my friends. Nothing really changed but I think I just becasme a little more vigalent about things I had maybe slacked on.

For example I’ve been using green cleaners for a while now but slowly some chemeical filled things came into the house. Toilet cleaner, air fresheners, laundry soap and so on. I talked to my hubby about some of the reasons I had switched in the first place and after that he was 100% on board with switching back. He even helped me find a new company we both can agree on.

We have been pretty outspoken about this switch with our friends because we found a product we believe in. They already knew we were a little different but this made us full on cruncy in their eyese and I  couldn’t be more proud.

When they heard my brith story it was “well of  course she would do it the natural way” about the normal things in life its “Oh just ask Amber she would know that sort of thing.” I love that they know they can come to me about anything green or healthy! 



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