Eat Healthy Challenge {Week 1}



The Plan: 

Our weeks never go as planned (even before baby) so I choose to just have 3 meals planned for and see where they land.

  • Ground Chicken shell-less tacos over brown rice and quinoa served with raw carrots and broccoli. (Recipe on Friday)
  • Baked lemon pepper/chipotle chicken strips (no breading) with corn on the cob and a salad.
  • Bun-less blue cheese burgers from grass fed beef and a salad.

Eating Out:

We ate out on Sunday, just because we could and we are going on a lunch date today but we are sticking to an $80 every 2 weeks budget. Last night we were craving Pad Thai but we didn’t cave. Also I’m traveling this weekend to my home town so there will be a stop at my favorite restaurant but I’m going  to try not to stop at fast food while I’m driving.

Eat at the Table: 

We are good at this about 60% of the time next week I’ll keep track and see if we can up that percentage.


So what is your plan? Anyone joining me?

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