Quick and easy dinner ideas


As a part of the Eat Heathy-Eat at Home challenge I wanted to tell you some of the things we do for quick and easy meals.

For dinners we mostly do a protein and veggie for dinner so things like:

  • Chicken breasts and Green Beans
  • Burgers (do you need the bun?) and Broccoli.
  • Chicken or Turkey Brats (again do you need the bun?) and a salad.
  • Fish and Asparagus

We like to keep it simple, we have fancy dinners every once in a while but most nights we don’t have time for that, and they tend to be less healthy here are our favorite quick ways to cook a few things.

Our favorite way to cook asparagus is to bake or grill it with olive oil and garlic powder and a little parmesan cheese. Keep a light hand and it will stay healthy.

Green Beans are great with a little oil or butter (just a little) and fresh garlic just a quick sauté in the pan or again on the grill in foil (be warned it takes a little bit on the grill.

We eat broccoli mostly raw, but it can be good cooked with salt and pepper….but my hubby only eats it cooked with cheese so we don’t do that 😉

For a quick burger Trader Joe’s has grass fed beef patties, we love them! Then eat them with a for topped with lettuce and tomato and maybe a tiny bit of ketsup and mayo, but real mayo no fake stuff.

Chicken and Fish can be cooked any number of ways, grilled or baked but don’t fry them at least not every time, there is nothing better than walleye and shore lunch every once in a while, but pan fry don’t deep fry.

Don’t be afraid of grains but keep the portion size in check. Also try not to do white, brown rice, barley, couscous anything that hasn’t had the healthy part removed.

Potatoes are a starch so be careful what you pair them with and try to do it on a day when you have been active but they don’t have to be unhealthy use plain yogurt and a little butter along with garlic to season them and no gravy necessary.

What healthy eating tricks and tips do you have for me? 

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