I want to run! {How Do I Start Over?}

Well I’m a long time from being able to run again…at least 6 weeks but man do I have the itch. I’m watching all my bloggy friends talk about their races, seeing the new shoes come out and planing for my first ‘big’ race in February.

All of that has me thinking how to I start over again? Will I have to start from the very beginning again with short little runs? Have my legs lost all of the muscle and hard work I put into them last year? I didn’t run far or often but I did manage to run through my 36th week. So lets see if little Apple arrives close to on time and I have to take 6 weeks off before I can start jogging again that will be about 9 weeks off….

Yikes that is a long time, hummm where to start. I need to do some research. Any advice?


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