37 Week Baby Update

Well guys its been a while since I’ve linked up to any of my baby posts on here. I know the 37 week picture is a little hard to see but I think I changed a lot in just the last week.  Compare these two pictures:

Anyway Here are the last few weeks of bumpdates:

37 Weeks

36 Weeks

This one has a link to Baby Apple’s heartbeat.

35 Weeks

This one has a shot of the nusery so far.

Here are a few other random posts you might enjoy:

36 Week Check-up

At this appointment there was more done than there has been in a while as well as we discussed birth shots/test/immunizations and what we are and are not going to do.

Breast Feeding Plans

Obviously everything I plan may not work and that is fine, but here is the plan for now.


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