Thoughts on Thursday {Supporting a heathy spouse follow up}

Back in January I wrote a post on supporting a healthy spouse. Now close to 6 months later I wanted to follow up on that post and let you know how things are going.



Life got pretty busy a month or two after I wrote that post and we have done fairly good at eating healthy but I had a tired stretch that caused us to eat out a lot. The ‘problem’ with Mac working out is that takes up the time when he normally would be cooking. I would say we share cooking in our house about 50/50 and so that meant 50% of the time I was to tired to chip in…

This unfortunately lead to him not working out so that he could take care of somethings around the house. While I’m amazingly grateful to have a husband who would step up and do that I also felt pretty guilty. So a few months ago when I got my energy back I got back in the kitchen and he got back to working out. I’m proud to say this has been a VERY successful 2 months and he has seen success!

When I’m able to support him the way I would like (and I know that sometimes life/health/baby/whatever will make that impossiable) we have great success as a team. The house is looking better than it has in a while, Mac is working out and eating healthy and I’m able to have a good balance of work and rest.

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